Automotive Mechanic Technician Course | 14 Class Online



In this automotive mechanics technician course we will focus on explaining the operation, diagnosis, calibration and repair of the mechanical parts of an internal combustion car.
All these explanations are accompanied by a lot of audio visual material with operating animations, photos, diagrams, diagnostics, tests and real repairs. If in the material that we will see there is a precise explanation of the subject, I will leave it and add more information if required, If it is a material without sound I will explain it myself, as well as leave attached the different sources of this material in order that you can continue updating you after you finish the course.

What you’ll learn:

⦁ Learn how a diesel and gasoline car works.
⦁ Know what tests are performed on the vehicle when it is taken to the workshop.
⦁ You will be able to diagnose and repair the different mechanical systems that exist in the vehicle.
⦁ You will know at the end of this course all the mechanical operation of the car and thus be able to diagnose and repair your first vehicle.


This course includes:

⦁ 21.5 hours of video on demand
⦁ 2 articles
⦁ 17 downloadable resources
⦁ Access on mobile devices and TV
⦁ Lifetime access
⦁ Certificate of completion


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