Complete Solar Energy Course | 12 Class Online



This is the only course out there with everything you need to know about solar energy from A to Z.

This course starts with the basic concepts of solar energy to the level you will become a professional in solar energy systems design.

What you’ll learn:

⦁ Understand how PV cells work
⦁ Learn the difference between parallel and series connection of PV cells
⦁ Understand the advantages and disadvantages of PV cells
⦁ Understand difference between solar cells, modules and arrays
⦁ Learn about the different types of solar cells and their efficiency
⦁ Understand the effect of temperature and insolation on power
⦁ Learn about different methods of charge controllers
⦁ Learn about half cell technology in PV system

This course includes:

⦁ 26.5 hours of video on demand
⦁ 2 articles
⦁ 24 downloadable resources
⦁ Access on mobile devices and TV
⦁ Lifetime access
⦁ Certificate of completion


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