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Technical Training: Empowering Skills and Expertise

Our technical training programs provide hands-on experience and specialized knowledge, empowering individuals to excel in their chosen fields. From circuit analysis to mechanical troubleshooting and programming proficiency, our tailored programs equip you with practical skills for success in the evolving world of technology. Join us and unlock your true potential through transformative technical training.

Electric Circuits for Electrical Engineering Course - 8 Class Online

Ignite your passion for engineering and embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive course on electric circuit analysis. Designed to provide a solid foundation, this course covers all aspects of electrical and electronics engineering, from the fundamental principles of circuits to advanced analysis techniques


ETABS & SAFE: RCC and Steel Structures Course - 9 Class Online

Master ETABS and SAFE for RCC and Steel Structures with our comprehensive 9-class online course. Gain robust knowledge in structural detailing, result exports to CSI SAFE, and generating structural sheets. From residential to high-rise buildings, this practical course will boost your confidence and provide in-depth understanding of ETABS and its integration with CSI SAFE. Join us now and unlock your potential in RCC and Steel Structures.


Complete Solar Energy
Course - 12 Class Online

The all-encompassing course on solar energy, providing comprehensive knowledge from fundamentals to professional-level system design. Master the concepts and techniques necessary to excel in the dynamic field of solar energy. Become a skilled professional equipped to harness the power of the sun and contribute to a sustainable future.


Automotive Mechanic Technician Course - 14 Class Online

Master automotive mechanics with our comprehensive course on internal combustion car systems. Engage with audiovisual materials, including animations, photos, and diagnostics, for hands-on learning. Access precise explanations and ongoing resources for a complete learning experience.


Ultimate Electricity Generation, HV, and Substations Course - 16 Class Online

Unlock your expertise in electrical engineering with the ultimate course bundle on electricity generation, HV systems, and substations. This comprehensive bundle covers everything you need to know, from the fundamentals to advanced concepts, providing a comprehensive understanding of electrical substations, electricity generation, and high voltage generation. Gain the knowledge and skills to excel in the field and make a significant impact in the world of electrical engineering.